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January 2021

Having finished his postdoc in the de Bivort lab after completing his PhD at the CFS in the Combes lab, we wish James Crall and his family the very best as they move on to the University of Wisconsin, Madison where James begins his position as an Assistant Professor of entomology.

September 2020

Congratulations to Kari Taylor-Burt who successfully defended her PhD!  We wish her and her family the very best as she returns to Pennsylvania to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at her alma mater, Franklin and Marshall College, with Professor Joe Thompson, where she will study the contractile biology of obliquely striated muscle of squid and other invertebrates.

May 2019

Brianna McHorse has successfully defended her PhD and we wish her the very best as she starts her new job in data science at Kayak! 

Jake Peters and Mary Salcedo (former Combes lab grad students) have also successfully defended their PhD's this year and we wish them well in their new post-doc positions (Mary at VA Tech and Jake at Cornell). 

Nicolai Konow, Asst. Professor UMass Lowell (Biological Science) and MCZ Associate was appointed as the convener of biomechanics for the Society of Experimental Biology (3-yr term). 


January 2019

Brianna McHorse gave a SICB symposium talk in Tampa FL:  “The evolution of a single toe in horses: causes, consequences, and the way forward.”  (Brianna K. McHorse, Andrew A. Biewener, and Stephanie E. Pierce)



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