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April 2015 - Several publications (links below) reported on the research of graduate student, Glenna Clifton, who investigated how grebes produce the hydrodynamic forces necessary to stay above the water surface during their rushing behavior.

"Slap keeps rushing grebes afloat" in The Journal of Experimental Biology
"How do these birds run on water?" in Science
Read here
"Birds "Walk" on Water to Impress Mates—Here's How They Do It" in National Geographic
"News Picks : Diving bird runs on water to attract a mate" in Physics Today


 April 2015 - "Why birds don't crash" in the Harvard Gazette
The Harvard Gazette reviews a recent study by ex-postdoctoral fellow C. Dave Williams and Andrew Biewener that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March (112 (11): 3392-3396) on how pigeons adopt two different wing-stroke strategies to fly through tight spaces past vertical obstacles.


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