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February 2018

"Does a two-element muscle model offer advantages when estimating ankle plantar flexor forces during human cycling?" in The Journal of Biomechanics

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October 2017

OpenSim Webinar: Why Are Antagonists Co-activated in My Simulations? Simulating Cycling and Other "High Flexion" Tasks

with speakers Adrian Lai from Simon Fraser University and Allison Arnold from Harvard University.

August 2017

Several publications (links below) reported on the research of graduate student, Brianna McHorse, who investigated how horses hooves evolved.

“How the horse became the only living animal with a single toe” in The Guardian.


“How Horses Got Their Hooves” in The New York Times.

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“How the horse lost its toes: Creature evolved hooves 5 million years ago to gallop faster after moving from protected forests to open grassland" in The Daily Mail.

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August 2017

“Understanding the IT Band” in the Harvard Gazette.

The Harvard Gazette discusses two recent studies by ex-postdoctoral fellow Carolyn Eng (co-authors Daniel Lieberman, Andrew Biewener, and Allison Arnold-Rife) that examine how the iliotibial band stores and releases elastic energy to make walking and running more efficient. 

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